Boston Fashion School Top Four

Boston fashion school offered four associate degrees and two bachelor’s degrees for students who wanted to attend one of four accredited universities in fashion. The city of Boston has a population of 589,141, approximately one-fifth of which are students. From that many students, approximately four percent of them are fashion students, so you can conclude while the competition is not as fierce as other majors, it certainly isn’t small either.   
Accredited Schools of Fashion in Boston
The biggest of Boston fashion school by fashion student population is Bay State College. The privately funded university has more than 800 students, 35 of which are fashion students graduating in 2010.             Massachusetts College of Arts and Design is a much bigger university with more than 2,000 students. The school offers both associate degree and bachelor’s degree. As a public school, its tuition is significantly cheaper. Its programs are also filled with student projects and researches to help them develop an entrepreneurship mind-set. The only down spot for this school is its lower admitted students versus applicant ratio. It is a good start, though, as you will already face tough competition during school instead of later as graduates.      
Another Boston fashion school is Fisher College. It is a non-profit private school with an average tuition fee and average number of enrolled students. Last but not least is Gibbs College, a smaller private school with a commitment for providing quality education with hands-on curriculum to create competitive individual in professional world.   If you’re interested in online degree, though, there is one more option available from Penn Foster Career School. With a career diplomat in dressmaking and design, affordable cost and the convenience of learning from home at your own speed, it is certainly one option worth considering. The courses take approximately seven months to complete.
The Tuition and Job Opportunity
The average tuition fee for private university is $32,000 per year and $9,000 for public university. Room and board will cost approximately $11,500 more, with supplies and books cost approximately $2,000. Pell Grants, other federal grants, other scholarship and other student loan will help you pay for these expenses. The salary range for a fashion professional in Boston is $34,000-$71,000. The projected salary is lower than other fashion professionals in the States, but the job opportunities are also slower to decrease than other places. No matter what your school of choice is, Boston fashion school is likely to have a service offered for helping you choosing and getting your dream careers.       
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