Flapper Dress the Darling of Fashion Industry

Have you ever feel the breeze of classical sepia toned movie on the 20's era, which the actress was wearing a stunning flapper dress? Your eyes will pause for a while seeing how the waistline drooping to the hips with straight and loose cutting that sometimes without straps. The best match for flapper dress pattern is silk or rayon stockings. Maybe you can’t get of your mind that everlasting scene from Marilyn Monroe when the beautiful one wearing flapper dress and the looser skirt flapped up to show her sexy legs. The dress taken the inspiration from flapper dress based cutting. For the internet invasion era like nowadays, flapper dress Forever 21's is one of the best recommended style.
flapper dress

Flapper dress became a-ready-to-wear fashion item at 1926 right after World War I, this is the most influenced momentum since fashion start to be liberated. Find the Charleston wild dances in YouTube so you can see how amazing that time when women demanded the freedom of moving while mingling in the social life and that needed were accommodated with the dress itself. The rebellion side of woman at that time showing the desire to free themselves from corsets which have been restricting and totally a fussy fashion. The one behind this flapper dress is Coco channel who interested with dress that comfortable and so easy to wear. You can her favorite color for the flapper dress, she loved neutral colors like cream, navy and black with jersey fabrics. It is really simple but yet really elegant.

With the simple cute and mostly made from expensive fabric and usually featured some bold design, flapper dress has it knee-length and the arms are bare. So, cover those flabby arms with a 20's style short-bolero or caplet with bright color to avoid the pale tone. This dress categorized on Art Deco style with geometric motifs and often created via sequins with has function for the glamorous effect. Don’t forget to wear the high-heeled shoes or a pair of ballet flats or even more you can bravely wear pumps. Final touch is put flapper headbands or turban as your hairpiece jewelery. If you're invited to attend some occasions on the evening hours, flapper dress is the best choice to stunning your look between the crowds. Well, although now there are various costumes fashion design that features fringed skirts model, a kind of traditional dress that only has the fringe as an overlay, so flapper dress still stand strong on number one list on your wardrobe.
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