Birthstone Jewelry: Telling Your Personality

Birthstone jewelry is usually wear at special occasion, like birthday celebration or used as gift. Birthday is a special event which people always love to commemorate. Commemorate birth month using luxurious earrings blend with gold or silver and designed nicely, would be a great choice. For people who born in July, they can choose ruby necklaces, or ruby bracelet. Apart from kind of gemstones, birthstone is believed can tell your real personality.

General Information
Since ages, people have to adorn themselves with beautiful material, like birthstone jewelry. Those items not just attractive, but also have meaning and have some stories behind them. We don't know for sure where and what is the origin of birthstone, because most of civilization in the ancient times was appreciate about stone. One of the origins of birthstone is based on Israeli myth. Twelve kinds of gemstone are representing twelve tribes. Another one, Ayuverdic birthstone is one of the stories that coming from India, most people at that time believed that each birthstone have power to cure. Mythical birthstones are coming from Tibetan civilization. There is also Zodiac birthstone, which gemstone based on zodiac sign.

There are various type of gemstone based on birthstone. January is Garnet. Most of Garnet has red color, like a pomegranate. That's why this gemstone called as pomegranate seed. February is amethyst. This stone have purple color and also have many beliefs behind. March is aquamarine, which is the color is light blue-sea alike. Back then, aquamarine used as charm for sailor. April is diamond, beautiful gemstone that sparkling in many hues, yellow, and blue, pink. May is emerald, a stone that blend from many colors, light blue, yellow gold and pink peach. June is pearl. Pearl can be obtained from sea water or fresh water, wild mollusk or cultured mollusk. But, the wild one usually is better, because the shape usually unique and different with each other. July is ruby, the one with crimson color, almost like the garnet, but, ruby has darker color. August is period, this stone have many kinds of color, but the most popular is light green, similar to lime. September is blue sapphire, the velvety blue stone. October is opal and tourmaline. November is citrine. December is blue topaz and lapis lazuli. All type of stone above is good to designed as birthstone jewelry.

Personality Based on Birth Month
Since ancient times, people used to want to know about personality. Due to lack of knowledge, they analyze people's character and match it with the birth month. Combined with their favorite about grace, they create birthstone as jewelry. Birthstone also belief have benefit for people who’s the birth month match. Birthstone also made matches with the personality. For example, people who born in January, the birthstone is garnet. The characteristic of garnet is like the personality of the person who born on January. That's why birthstone can tell the personality. But, now is non-sense to think about myth and effect of that birthstone, people like wear birthstone jewelry because of its beauty.
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