Some things you should know before wearing six-inch heels shoes

Six inch heels shoes are like ice cream for women. Wearing those things is very addictive. Some women will never leave their home without them. High heels are like best friend for them because they are always be there wherever the situations the owners have. However, not very woman can wear that kind of shoes. Wearing shoes like that can be a dream of every women but actually wearing high heels is not simple and easy. Some people decide to choose flat shoes rather than get risk of falling. Now, this article will give you some things that you should know before wearing six inch heels shoes.

First thing you need to do is practice to walk with them. Learn to walk with those shoes on your foot. You can start it with two inch shoes and then higher the inches after you master them. You are not allowed to keep the weight on your toes because it will hurt your foot. You can try to stand in minutes then take some small steps first. Next you try to walk on stairs and walk a little bit faster. Second thing is make good time tables for you to have wearing six inch heels shoes practice. The reason why I suggest that because wearing heels shoes for long time will hurt our foot. You should sometimes walk with flat shoes or sandals to give some rest for you foot. The third thing is find the exact perfect size for your foot. Do not feel shy to ask the helper to find your size even though you have big size shoes. If you lie, then your beloved shoes will hurt yourself.

The next thing deals with dress that accompanied your lovely shoes. You can`t have your foot with your six inch heels shoes on with inappropriate dress, such as super short skirt because it will make you looked super small in those big heels. That will ruin your appearance. The last but not least is having fun. You should keep in mind that wearing six inch heels shoes on your foot will improve the beauty of your looks. You also need to know that six inch heels shoes is fabulous and you will also looked fabulous with them. No need to be worried about falling or something because you need confidence to keep your body standing perfectly.
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