Fashion Journalism for Beginners

Fashion journalism is a style of modern journalism that quite subjective or speculative. Since job of this kind of journalism involves fashion writing, photography, reporting and critics and Yves Saint Runway show started airing major shows around Paris in 1996, the industry has grown bigger and wider. What is needed by those who want to jump in this industry as beginner fashion journalist? Movies like The Devil Wears Prada or Confession of Shopaholic seemed to be good portrays of how a fashion journalists work. Some expert of course will tell you through sites and magazines. Be prepared.
Glamorous Reporting
Either you should fly to Paris once a year or follow hundreds of people’s style choice down the street in Tokyo, becoming a fashion journalist has an advantage in career adventure.  Since fashion journalism is a matter of glamorous reporting and does not carry the overall procedures under press reporting clausal, being a fashion reporter means doing the job means go stylish. It could be an epic fail if a reporter doesn’t wear good suits, taking good attitude, and has poor networks in the industry.
Working in fashion journalism means making requires professional relations to influencing persons, from the stars on magazine covers to the high class back-of-stage designers. A fashion reporter must understand how to sit on a fancy dining table with French designer as good as to sneak in street designing studio undercover. Not to mention a capability to write good writings on a newly out scarf for magazines as good as VOGUE did.
Highly Effective Journalist
A fashion journalist is an active worker, that’s for sure. Because the job requires highly effective steps on and off the stage just for gathering news and rumors, a journalist having knowledge on every truth in the industry is an absolute need. The London College of Style founder Wendy Elsmore said this part as “being realistic”. Networks and awareness are potentially harms if you go wrong with attitudes and goal setting. High hours of working in a long term-short term reporting, a journalist in fashion must understand the history the fashion itself, aware of the change in style, make comparisons and even more doing personal research on how this kind of industry is never too far away from world’s spotlight media features. As attitude and preparations on knowledge are essential for beginners, being a worker in industry called fashion journalism requires more experience and experiment. 
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