Fashion Journalism Schools Top 10

Fashion journalism schools won’t actually make you a high-paid, skillful, proficient journalist instantly. The fashion industry has more visibility now than ever, though, and the future prospect of this industry sure is huge. With the huge prospect comes the huge competition, though, and if you want to make it in the industry, be prepared to work extra hard. Good schools can’t make you become a good fashion journalist, but they can help you get internship at good places, and that’s why you need to choose your school well.
Things to Consider
While there is no specific degree for fashion journalism schools, a degree in fashion communication or marketing will also serve you well, because the main task of a fashion journalist is to communicate fashion to the public and report the main trends in the fashion industry. Take a look at the classes offered, as classes with a more business approach will do a journalist better than classes on design or art. Some combination of art, economics, statistics, communication and literature will be the ideal combo for a journalist-to-be. It is also recommended to take a look at how the school handles internship, especially if they have some kind of a contract with certain player in the industry. Choose the school from where the major internships in your favorite company go to.
The Top 10 Schools
The top 10 fashion journalism schools are: Fashion Institute of Technology in NYC, Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in Los Angeles, Parsons The New School for Design in NYC, New York University in NYC, Penn State in University Park, Fordham University in NYC, Rutgers in New Jersey, Syracuse University in New York, University of Michigan in Michigan and Boston University in Boston. Each school has its plus and minus depend on what you’re looking for in a program. Some have less art programs but is excellent in educating communicators, some have higher tuition than others and some have more connections in fashion industry.
The good news is that it doesn’t really matter which school you choose. The future of your career depends mostly on your effort and your attitude in working. There is more good news for you: journalism isn’t limited only on writing. It’s true that to be a fashion writer or fashion editor you need to be talented or trained in writing and language, but you can also be fashion photographers or art directors. If that’s the case, though, instead of fashion journalism schools, you will do better at photography or graphic design schools.     
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