Kimono Dress a Trendy Wear

Kimono dress is a dress that if you see it, it looks alike with the Japanese’s traditional clothes, Kimono. The designer of her dress has a very good idea in combining a simple short dress with the shape of kimono. Some characteristic of the dress are taken from the kimono characteristics.  The parts of the trendy dress that look like a kimono most are the front part. And the neck part of the dress or cloth sometime also the thing that can be identify as kimono like.

A Trendy Dress
Nowadays, people like to wear anything they want base on their own creativity in combining clothes. But one time, people just dress up and follow the latest fashion of the trendy clothes. The ones who are the fashion lover tend to ever felt how to wear kimono dresses. The dress is really a trendy thing to wear. It will make you more beautiful with is neck shape. And the most favorable part of the dress is the front part. The front part of that kind of kimono dress is there are a lot of cute Japanese buttons on it. The buttons are usually shaped like flowers or other Japan ornament. The dress also usually is kind of a short dress. You will hardly find any long dress that is look like a kimono.
Color and Motif
For the dress like a kimono, you will find various color and motifs on it. The motif and the color in each dress will give you a certain motion and impression on what event you wear the dress. For a casual events for example, just pick any motif you want and you think it is casual. I suggest you to choose a polka dot motif. Polka dot is really fit your best in a kimono like dress for a common event. For you who want to have a formal event or party, choose one colored dress. Because one colored dress is always looks more elegance and of course more formal.
If you notice or pay some attention in bathing stuffs, you also will find that the dress you use after you take a bath is actually a best example of dress like kimono. The ties in left and right sides of your waist are placed instead of button. But basically, the basic idea is the same. Now, I think you have enough information about how trendy a kimono dress is.
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