Tunic Dresses Casual Wears

Tunic dresses are dresses that have a certain model. If you see the tunic for the first time you may be mistaken it with blouse of women tops. Actually tunic is very look alike with women blouse. But still, tunic is an independent women wear. Tunic itself exists in various kinds of motifs and colors. You have carefully chosen which tunic will suit you best for a casual days or events.
Flowered Tunic
Flower is the most common motif you can found in the women dresses. Here we once again will talk about the flowered motif dresses for tunic. Tunic dresses are so pretty with many motifs especially flower ones. The flower that is the motif of the tunic can be big flowers and also can be very smalls flower. For a casual garden party among your friends or among the neighbor you can choose flowered tunic dress. Combine the flowered dress with a big hat or just a ribbon on your hair. It’s also better for you to have no hair do. Just let your hair looks natural.
One Colored Tunic
For the women who do not like any motif on their dresses or the women who do not like any flower in their tunic, you can still wear tunic for coming to casuals events with one colored tunic. One colored tunic is very simple and extra casual for you. Sometimes the tunic looks too boring when it is only has a color and no motif on your dress. To solve that, you can wear any belt on your hips. Besides that, maybe you can wear a pretty necklace on your neck. Another solution is put on a brooch in the breast part 0f your tunic. In choosing the color, you have to consider the event where you will join in it. for a summer festival choose bright color like yellow or orange or pink. For a women gathering, choose calmer ones, like red, green, or blue.
To make your look complete with the tunic dress, you have to put on the right shoes on your feet. For casual events with the tunic you can choose flat shoes with you. A pair of flat shoes always works well for any casual events. Remember, I think high heels are too much for a tunic and casual style, so avoid them ladies. Good luck for you in your various tunic dresses.  
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