1950s Fashion for Men as the Cool and Formal Style

1950s fashion for men is about the most popular fashion items which men usually used at that time, such as the poodle skirts and the poodle pattern is also the favorite pick for women. There are also some favorite colors for men such as dark blue, deep brown, and also charcoal. They also love to use the flamboyant pattern for the ties. The gray flannel and comfortable suit is also popular for men at that time. The most focus of the style in 1950 is about the conservative style, the fact that they often wear gray flannel though the temperature is very hot is the common situation.

When you take a look at the 1950s fashion for men such as the businessman, they are always wearing the clothes which made from cotton, silk or from wools. Some men really love to use wool suits and also jackets, though wool is not comfortable in the summer time. This is the time when men is always wearing ties at work, while in semi formal situation they will undress the tie but still use the formal shirts and pants. This is the time when the gender roles are having the big influence so women will always wear dress while men wear suits. For the semi formal situation, some men are also wearing the cuff links but the grey flannel will always be the great choice for the formal situation. So, you should really need to know1950s fashion style.

In the mid 1950, there are some changes for the fashion style, some more colors are added in the fabrics materials, and for example some men are changing the vests with the cardigan sweaters. This is about the simpler pattern for men’s jacket, actually and the pants legs are also narrow than before. There is also some influences for men’s clothes because of the movie by James Dean which titled ‘Rebel without a Cause’ which make the combination of blue jeans with the white t-shirt as the new casual style is also popular at that time. The most popular hair style is about the flat top, and men also using some popular accessories such as the cure cut. So, it is really important for people to know all the information about the conservative 1950s fashion for men.

There is also the change for the music style with the presence of Elvis Presley, so the rock and roll music is really popular at that time. Actually, he also gives the big influence for the fashion style at that time with the increasing usage of blue suede shoes. Actually, there are many choices for the 1950s fashion for men.
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