Some ways to find vintage clothing

Sometimes we see that clothing from previous era become trend in today fashion trend. That is what happens in old clothing that we usually call it with vintage clothing. Some other people call it as retro clothes. Vintage clothing can be new or used clothing. We cannot find them on malls or famous and branded clothes store in eh city, which will kill you because vintage clothing are not available there.
vintage clothing

Becomes popular now because women who wear this kind of clothes seem prettier and elegant in certain way. Colors in vintage clothes are calmer and softer that what we have from modern clothes. Furthermore, the money that we should spend to have vintage clothes are less cheap than we could spend on modern clothes. However, not every woman would like to wear vintage cloth, especially for those who are really fit with modern cloth model. Clothing that is considered as vintage clothing is clothing that comes from 1920s to 1960s. Conversely, clothing that are made now is called modern clothing. It is super difficult to find vintage clothes that still comfortable fabulous to wear because most of them are second hand. We should really careful to see the quality of the clothing where we shop. We do not have to feel underestimated by wearing vintage clothes because many famous celebrities also wore them, we can mention Kate Moss, Juali Roberts, Chloe Sevigny, and others.

Places that we can find vintage clothing are flea market, garage sale, antique market, auctions, or vintage fairs. We can also find them on eBay or just by visiting our old families. Our families maybe save their clothes for long period of time. getting vintage clothes from families may be better than if we buy them from garage sale or other markets because the quality of the clothes are much better. Actually in buying vintage clothing on the flea market, garage sale, antique market, auctions, or vintage fairs, we also need to be concerned of the size. It will be useless if we already bought some pieces of clothes but we cannot wear them because of the wrong size. In addition, the common size of female in previous era may be different from common size in our era, so it can be difficult to find the exact perfect size for us. So, if you want to have vintage clothes, do not forget to find them on the markets that I mentioned above, also be very careful to see the quality and the perfect size for you.
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