Boots as footwear, cool fashion for out foot

Boots as footwear are originally made for as footwear that made of leather or rubber and can cover our foot and leg and. Some of them also can cover hip and knee. Even though this footwear is one of fashionable clothing, firstly, boots as footwear are made for safety function. They are made to cover foot from mud, water, snow, and others. They are also made for sport activities or military activities, like horse riding or army. Then, boots as footwear are used for workers for protections during work. Punk and skin heads are some groups that have boots as their iconic style. So, they are ones who introduce boots as fashion. They wear boots with other female clothing, like dress.

Boots as footwear are great stuff for women. They are always become must have fashion list for women that they should have. Boots as footwear now appear with various styles, some of them come with heels, others come with zipper, and some others come with flat sole, and so on. Usually, people wear boots as footwear with bootstrap or socks to prevent blister or puffy. Women believe that wearing boots can higher their fashion style. They will be looked more elegant and fashionable. Old women will be looked younger and stronger.  There are many models of boots out there for women. There are wedge boots, chap boots, hip boot, knee high boots, motorcycle boots, snow boots, sport boots and others. However, women still need focus to find the appropriate boots as footwear for them because certain boots are made not for fashion style but rather for safety or sport functionality. In the winter maybe, boots as footwear are the best choice for women. 

They will look fabulous in one side and feel safe on the other side. Two good things at once. In addition, wearing boots are great because we can find many possibilities of clothing choices that can match with boots. Some famous stars usually wear boots as footwear with jeans, skirts, dress, and even shorts. Good quality boots will totally make you look sexy. Old and young women are totally in love with this fashion clothing. They feel that wearing boots as footwear can boost up their confident and comfort as well. So, it is no surprise if we see in everyday life, old women with high heel boots walk confidently in front of us or young female teens wear boots with jeans that make them seem taller. So, it is acceptable if we say that boots as footwear are must have thing that we should have in our wardrobe.
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