Flapper dress as a new idea for prom dress

Flapper Dress is a kind of fashion clothing that the original idea comes in the 1920`s ERA. Women who wear such kind of dress will look very boyish. The word flapper itself comes from a label that given to jazz female listeners who dress with short skirts and cut their hair. They were also famous for their bad behaviors, like smoking, drinking, and others. The way they dress up really make them look like boys, they even flatten their chest and cut their hair really short to make their boyish side more stand out. However, this style of fashion spread due to the rapid expansion of jazz. This style of dressing is accepted pretty wide because of its unique style. So, the boyish style of bob hair, flat chest and straight waist became popular.

For those who want to try a new style to dress up at prom. This Flapper dress can be a good option for you. The boyish style is somewhat fresher and more attractive. It is good for you who do not want to wear a princess gown from fairy tale that really killing you because you can`t even take a step without difficulty. Wearing this kind of dress will give you much comfort and sexy look that will lead you to hit the prom party and be a prom queen. If it is too much for you to buy this flapper dress, you can just rent it form a dress rental. You can find some rentals that can offer you a great quality flapper dress. Dress rentals usually provide some dresses with various sizes. In addition, talking about size, the good thing about wearing flapper dress is it comes with customizable straps and zippers. 

Flapper dress comes with various styles. All of them will give you a beautiful look of jazz girls. Usually people who wear this flapper dress also wear a feather scarf and the silk stockings, also the high heels. The height of the heels is from 5cm to 8cm high. The identical look of this dress is the visible legs. Flapper dress is made with no piece for the arm and the skirt are made in such a way so they can show their legs during dancing time. Wearing this kind of dress also make women feel easy to find suitable accessories. As mention before, they can wear feather scarf, heels, and stockings. Besides that, they can also wear headband, Flapper style is famous for that. Leaving headband on your head will add more boyish feel in your appearance. So, wear it and feel ready to bomb the dance floor.
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