About Milly Dresses – Basic Introduction and Information

Milly dresses are introduced to the fashion world back in the year of 2001. Compared to most brands in clothing industry, Milly dresses are considerably new products in the market. The brand is purposed to provide women with smart, sexy, and feminine looks while maintaining the touch of modern and luxury styles. Milly is not a name of a special type of a dress, it is a brand name. The design of Milly dresses is intended to bring comfort for use in any season throughout the year. Logically, the fabrics are very strong to hold the temperature changes during day and night. In fact, versatility is Milly’s best weapon to get inside the world’s fashion industries.

A typical sense of Milly is the feeling of fun combined with vintage looks. It is said that each design is drawn directly by the Michelle Smith, the owner and designer of Milly. She has taken great influences of Louis Vuitton and Christian Dior when she was in Paris while attended schools at ESMOD. Michelle Smith introduced Milly dresses in New York instead of Paris and she brought the feelings of vintage and playfulness in each design the she draws herself. Milly uses a very good fabric such as silk to deliver the best versatility and possibility to wear for any season. Now, Milly dresses already have great range of choices concerning styles and colors to suit with any intended occasion. In short, Milly promises relax and comfortable feelings, which are combined with vintage styles.

Within only more than a decade, Milly has encountered great recognition from the world thanks to the great fans. Some of the most famous loyal fans of Milly are Gwyneth Paltrow, Victoria Beckham, Beyonce, and Thandie Newton. Now, Milly dresses are available in plenty of department stores throughout the world and from the online stores as well.
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