Wrap Dress – Flexible Dress for Any Occasion

What exactly is a wrap dress?
A wrap dress is basically a type of a dress that uses a tie to wrap over the hip. The design is a vintage style that is still widely used by modern women nowadays. The wrapping can be adjusted to stay loose or tight as desired. A wrap dress will show a V-neck that highlights the curves to bring slimmer looks. Nevertheless, you do not have to be fat to wear a wrap dress. It is suitable for either slim, average, or bigger measurement. As mentioned before, the tie is adjustable so that you can deliver the desired fit. A wrap dress is like a universal dress for all kinds of women with different measurements; you can be skinny, flat, busty, or even pregnant to look beautiful wearing the outfit.
Exact creator of wrap dress
In many websites, you will find a great deal of information that Diane von Furstenberg invented wrap dress. Actually, it was Claire McCardell who really invented the wrap dress in 1942. However, the dress was only getting popular by Diane von Furstenberg marketing strategy in 1970s. Although she did not invent the original design, she developed the shapes to create the wrap dress that is widely recognized now. Such design brings her name to the Costume Institute at the Metropolitan Museum of Art as wrap dress is considered to be having a huge influence to world of women’s fashion. At first, Diane von Furstenberg introduces the design as garment that could be used for many occasions such as party, casual, or even a robe.
Highly flexible wrap dress
The best thing of wrap dress is that it can be used for so many occasions either formal or informal. The outfit still looks gorgeous at work, attending party, wedding ceremony, and many others. Wrap dress is made of a versatile fabric to accommodate many kind of different environments. Moreover, almost all body types can go in union with a wrap dress for its adjustable robe.
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