Polo shirt is perfect for both women and men

Any of you never heard about Polo shirt? Of course not, right? Because polo shirt is a famous fashion clothing that are worn by men or women. Polo shirt is T-shirts that is made with collar and some buttons on it. Some of them also made with a single pocket. Polo shirt is originally used for players of tennis or golf. However now this fashion trend is widely spread for other uses. 
As mentioned before, Polo shirt firstly is made for tennis or golf players. Yes, that is true. They are those who wear long sleeve white T-shirt that will give them comfort during their plays. Rene Lacoste is tennis champions that decide to have that kind of T-shirt. Then after his retirement of tennis sport, he begins to sell T-shirt that is made with a crocodile logo on the left side of the shirt. Now, Polo shirt is very popular and spread throughout the world. Many people who decide to buy and wear Polo shirt usually because they are those who are not allowed to wear T-shirt on their office or schools. So they wear Polo shirt that belongs to semi formal cloth. Why people consider Polo shirt as semi formal shirt is because it comes with collar and buttons that are points of formal shirt. 

Materials used to make Polo shirt are cotton, semi cotton, polyester, or semi polyester. Mostly Polo shirt is made of cotton due to the comfortable reason. Then, when at first, polo shirt is worn by men, now women also love to wear this kind of clothing. Women love to wear polo shirt because wearing this cloth does not require much time to dress up, can be used for formal or informal opportunities. Women who wear Polo shirt look very sporty and cheerful. Old women who wear polo shirt, we can say that the women are energetic and sporty because wearing polo shirt will never limit your moves. You are free to be flexible anytime. Another good thing about wearing this Polo shirt is because they are made of various materials and comes with various colors and size. Most people who wear this polo shirt are ones who want to be looked a little bit younger than their actual age because as we all know; polo shirt is for trendy and sporty teens. So, for you who want to try this semi formal cloth, I can say that it is a good idea to have polo shirt.
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