Zara Fast Fashion: A Fast Clothing Response

Zara fast fashion is a term used in referring the fast response over clothing business by a Spanish retailer Zara. Zara fast fashion known for it fast move in clothing business that Zara can introduce new design in every week. Zara has a Spanish-based team and tightly controlled factory and highly fast distribution network. This makes them possible to produce new product from basically drawing design to manufacturing in just two weeks period. This is the secret of Zara fast fashion which maintain its customers to come back every week for new items. These ‘weekly’ items are produced in minimum quantities, which make customers hunt all their new collection for its rare items. This minimal production also prevents the too much loss when there is no one will buy the new item. Zara fast fashion other secret in successful sales is the oddity and uniqueness of their products. In other words Zara fast fashion is a new way in enjoying fashion. But is it healthy?
zara fast fashion

Fast fashion term firstly introduced by fashion retailers to refer the fast movement of fashion designs from catwalk to store in order to confine the current trends in market. Zara fast fashion phenomenon is like a fast food habit. Once customers get satisfaction from the first buy then they will come back for another because of its quick launch of new products. Zara fast fashion gains lots of success in Europe. This happens because most of Zara’s factory are Europe-based and that salary are mostly bigger there so Zara fast fashion is able to response the European craved over fashion. Zara fast fashion is actually not the first fast fashion ever. Previously there are fast fashion companies like H&M, Spain’s Mango, and Britain’s Top Shop which proved as the top retailers in Europe. Looks interesting right? It’s your call. Whether you are going to keep your own fashion way or flowing with fashion craved in Zara fast fashion.
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